SIP is the manufacturer of agricultural machinery used mostly for mowing, tedding, raking and gathering fodder, picking and ensilaging maize, and spreading manure. SIP's production and sales include maize mills. They also offer KTL services, powder varnishing, and sandblasting.

Disc Mowers

Robust and durable disc mowers ensure a precise cut and clean high-quality forage. Perfect stability, quick adaptability and easy maintenance are their main attribute.

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Rotary Tedders

Advanced technologies of SIP Tedders ensure precise work and short drying time. The machines are simple to use and extremely maneuverable.

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Rotary Rakes

Robust rotary rakes from SIP make airy and light swaths Advanced technologies, simple use, and maneuverability ensure high-quality work resulting in high-quality forage.

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Belt Rakes

Over time, SIP Belt Rakes have proven themselves with reliable and precision work. They are an essential piece of machinery on any farm, big or small.

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