Dalton Ag

Dalton Ag manufactures the highest quality American-made fertilizer application equipment in the market. Since 1996, Dalton has added to its product line to help customers with production and application challenges such as reducing maintenance, increasing speeds, conservation tilling, and application on rough terrain. Dalton Ag’s diverse product line includes Mobility dry fertilizer spreaders, liquid nitrogen applicators, anhydrous ammonia toolbars, running gears, nurse trailers, and row units.

Customers range from small hobby farmers to large commercial row-crop producers, and everything in between. Dalton Ag serves all of these segments because they understand the demand for increased production and efficient use of fertilizer required by all sustainable farming operations.

NH3 Running Toolbars

This trailer is for the operator who insists on clean, rugged, leaf springs for a better ride and stability. A full 17 in. under the front axle for better ground clearance.

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NH3 Running Gears

This trailer is for the operator who insists on clean, rugged, leaf springs for a better ride and stability. A full 17 in. under the front axle for better ground clearance.

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Liquid Applicators

The DLQHD Series Liquid Applicator is built "TUFF" for the most rugged terrain. The 5 x 7 inch tubular main frame and the 4 x 6 inch front mount toolbar give you the strength and the visibility you need in today's environment. The unit features the versatility of handling a 21 - 42-foot toolbar and 15 - 36-inch row spacing. The ground-driven pump and drive system includes a 15-inch bar lug shur grip tire and stainless steel drive chain. Optional single or twin-piston pump gives you a large range of application rates. The spring-loaded ground-driven pump is mounted on the front bar for better visibility and automatically stops when tool baifted for turnaround. The coulter injection equipped with straight stream nozzle and stainless steel nipple injects the fertilizer directly behind the coulter and applies where needed. High clearance 46-inch lug tires with heavy 8-bolt hubs give you maximum crop clearance..

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Mobility Dry Fertilizer Spreaders

  • Dependable field performance, season after season
  • Built tough to be tough, offers maximum payload and minimum maintenance, which adds up to lower cost of operation
  • High clearance PTO shaft virtually eliminates PTO damage
  • Longer tongue means smoother trailering
  • Box material and gussets are all stainless steel above the frame

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