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GVM is a large manufacturer of agricultural application and snow equipment. We place a large emphasis on designing and building the most reliable, innovative, and versatile equipment on the market today. Our ultimate goal is to provide end-users with the best available products in a constantly changing marketplace. We focus on speed, comfort, fuel efficiency, and mechanically friendly equipment. We continue our rich history with a commitment to be the industry’s leader in innovation and to develop equipment that makes sense for the farmer, custom application, dealer, government agency, and airport.

Double Duty

Double Duty—No Body Does it Better! Only the GVM Double Duty spreader provides a repeatable, predictable, and consistent pattern, every pass. The Double Duty spreads a guaranteed flat, 90- to 105-foot pattern without time-consuming spinner or funnel/chute adjustments between materials or rates. A 120-foot pattern can be achieved with some materials. Pinpoint product control and its widespread pattern allow the Double Duty to spread more acres annually with less compaction, less fuel, and fewer stops to maximize your productivity and profitability.

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Hydra Spray and Hydra Spread

The GVM Hydra Spray was designed to offer versatility and maneuverability to custom applicators, co-ops and farmers. The Hydra Spray is offered from the factory on the Ford F-550 chassis. This provides operators a narrow, mechanical drive machine with a tight turning radius and comfortable road travel.

The GVM Hydra Spread was designed to offer versatility and maneuverability to custom applicators, co-ops, and farmers. GVM’s Hydra Spread pairs a Ford F-550 chassis with our reliable and accurate Double Duty spreader body, provides a narrow, mechanical drive machine with a tight turning radius, comfortable road travel, and an unbeatable spread pattern.

The design of the Hydra Spray/Hydra Spread will help you get into areas larger application equipment cannot navigate into, including pastures, narrow gateways, and small farm roads. It’s tire options allow the Hydra Spray to do both pre and post-emergence work for liquid applications.

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The Mako 440, 440NT, and 450 sprayers are some of the latest members of the GVM equipment family. The smallest, most compact self-propelled sprayer in the marketplace; the Mako is the perfect machine to get into fields early when grounds are still wet.

Small, stable, and nimble, the Mako features a 400-gallon polyethylene product tank, multiple boom options, 36 or 46 inches of crop clearance, and a tight turning radius. Its light footprint results in minimal, yield-robbing soil compaction. Powered by a Cummins Tier 3, 130 horsepower engine paired with an automatic Allison five-speed transmission, the Mako’s robust powertrain provides aggressive reliability to keep you in motion all season long. The Mako is simple enough for first-time applicators, yet smart enough for the pros.

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Multi-Grip Tire Handler

Get a Grip & Add Efficiency to Your Operation. GVM’s Multi-Grip Tire Handler was designed to allow users to quickly, safely, and efficiently change tires on application units. The tire handler is able to lift and maneuver tire and wheel assemblies weighing up to 2,000 pounds, and from 56 to 80 inches in diameter. Its universal mounting plate allows it to easily attach to any skid steer or front end loader with a universal mounting plate.

The Multi-Grip Tire Handler features three hydraulically operated gripping jaws, allowing it to easily center on the tire with a firm grip. The grabbing assembly swivels approximately 60 degrees, allowing users to easily align the wheel with the studs or wheel bolt holes on the hub. Depending on the abilities of the front end loader, users have the ability to pick tires up from a flat position on the ground, rotate them to a vertical position, and easily mount onto the application unit.

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GVM is the leading innovator in precision spinner spreading technology. GVM’s TranSpread was the first in the industry to spread fertilizer wider than 60 ft with a never before seen 90 ft flat pattern. GVM’s 90 ft flat pattern is due to our patented, reverse rotating spinner design. Our unique spinner design throws material further than any other spreader and minimizes fines.

The TranSpread is available in three different models, to suit every field type. It allows you to cover more acres in a day, which ultimately saves time, minimizes field compaction and minimizes fuel consumption.

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T-Series Prowler

Versatility for Every Season with only One Chassis. Whether you choose to combo or not, the Prowler provides more versatility than any other applicator and at the same time, extends your application window. The Prowler’s perfect combination of a near-even weight distribution and an all-mechanical drivetrain lets you start your season when the ground is soft and wet. All four wheels are always driving, the Prowler floats on top of the ground and won't make ruts like heavier hydrostatic or two-wheel-drive machines.

As a combo unit, the Prowler will produce more income than any other applicator on the market today and provide more flexibility to your operation, requiring just 30 minutes to switch between applicators.

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Anti-Icing Systems

GVM’s Direct Application Systems (DAS) are designed to spray anti-icing liquids directly onto road surfaces. DAS units are available in a wide range of sizes, to fit any fleet or budget. DAS units can also be used for dust control on unpaved surfaces.

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Automated Batch Systems

GVM’s Brine Manufacturing Automated Batch System’s (ABS) are designed to convert dry rock salt into liquid for pre-wetting or anti-icing roadways. The use of salt brine lowers the freezing point of snow and ice and has become a popular and cost-effective solution for managing roadways. GVM’s ABS Brine Systems lower operation costs by using readily available materials; granular salt and tap water.

GVM offers three systems to quickly and easily manufacture salt brine. Each system includes Misco Digital Refractometer to measure the saturation percentage of brine.

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Blend & Fill Systems

Calcote Fill Systems 
Calcote Fill Systems are designed to dispense liquid chlorides and other liquid pre-wet solutions into truck-mounted tanks used to pre-wet de-icing materials. They also have the ability to unload and return liquids held in the truck-mounted tanks to a storage tank.

EZ Blend System
Accurately mixes up to three de-icing chemicals and allows users to quickly adapt to any weather event. Users can accurately reach any desired rate or effective temperature for their de-icing solutions using the EZ Blend System. GVM’s EZ Blend System also allows users to set a programmable batch size and volume. Additionally, the system features an automatic shut-off, for ease of operation. As chemical input costs continue to increase, users will recognize savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars per truckload by mixing their own liquids with the EZ Blend.

Portable Pump Transfer Stations
GVM's Portable Pump Transfer Stations are built to meet your specific requirements for filling pre-wet or anti-icing systems. Each system features a molded polyethylene enclosure with a lockable lid, electric motor driven pump, and hosing. An optional gas-driven engine can also be used. The polyethylene enclosure is also large enough to store and preserve hosing when the pump is not being used.

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EZ RIder

The GVM EZ Rider is your perfect solution for controlling snow and ice during the winter months. Use the EZ Rider to apply anti-icing liquids before a storm or to apply dry or pre-wet granulated materials after the storm.

The versatile EZ Rider is the only self-propelled, stand-on applicator build of all stainless steel to minimize corrosion and extend its life for years. Its hydraulic drive allows for variable spinner speeds, and spread widths of 3-10 feet. Adjusting spread widths down to three feet is ideal for sidewalks, while the wider 10-foot pattern works well for parking lots and garages. This low clearance machine features easy maneuverability, a tight, 13-foot turning radius and a front-mounted work light for night applications. ? This multi-purpose machine is a great solution for universities and landscapers as it can be used to provide safe, clear grounds and to spread fertilizer and pelletized lime.

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Pre-Wet Systems

Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems
GVM’s Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems are multi-functional liquid de-icer dispensing systems designed to pre-wet truck loads of solid de-icing materials. Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems allow you to pre-wet multiple truckloads and multiple trucks with only one dispensing system. Pedestal systems are also capable of loading and unloading truck-mounted pre-wet tanks, returning the liquid de-icer to bulk storage tanks, and draining tanks for end-of-season maintenance.

Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet Dispensing Systems
Designed to pre-wet granular material at the spinner, GVM’s Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet Systems are built on the heaviest duty frames in the industry for extended durability. Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet Systems are ideal for Departments of Transportation, municipalities, townships, and landscapers. With a variety of sizes and mounting options, this pre-wet system can be customized to fit virtually any truck. Truck-Mounted Pre-Wet systems are available with hydraulic or electric pump units, a cab-mounted controller, a hot-dip galvanized steel carrier, weatherproof polyethylene pump housing, and all the necessary wiring and plumbing for quick and easy installation.

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